Report side effect

What to report?

• Any adverse event including minor reactions
• Adverse events that occur with the use for an unapproved indication
• When a product technical / quality defect results in an adverse event
• All cases of misuse, overdose, medication errors and occupational exposure
• All cases of exposure to a company product during pregnancy
   (DEVP: Drug Exposure via Parent)
• All inquiries from physicians regarding safety
• Lack of effect of a product (can indicate product interaction or lack of storage..)

How to report

Side effects (also called "adverse effects" or "adverse events") refer to the unintended or undesirable events subsequent to use of a medical treatment. They can sometimes be minor, but they can also involve serious health issues.
If you believe you have experienced a side effect from one of our treatments, please take the following actions:

1- Contact your doctor

If you believe you're experiencing side effects – or any other medical problems – the first thing you should do is contact your doctor or other health care providers so they can determine if any action needs to be taken.

2- Report Adverse event to us

We would respond to your inquiry within 24 hours during working days from Sunday to Thursday from 8 am to 6 pm Dubai Timing.

Contact us via email at:

On weekends or for emergency cases send an email at:


Call 24/7 Our Pharmacovigilance officer:
+971 23042151 , +971 567198393
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Patient phone number
Physician name and phone number
Product taken and dosage
Brief description of side effects