Abdul Rauf El Jabour, the founder and CEO of Pharmalink and Medicina Group of Pharmacies, is a highly successful executive and entrepreneur. The company has a total workforce of approximately 588 employees and it is extending its operations to other GCC countries; Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman. Pharmalink established itself as a leading supplier of medicine in the pharmaceutical market of the United Arab Emirates. He based his strategy on identifying the gap in the UAE's pharmaceutical market. Pharmalink currently has a wide range of product categories in its portfolio, which satisfies all age groupsand ranges from lifesaving and emergency drugs to consumables and over the counter medications that cover all the various specialities and this aligns with his vision and mission to serve the community in a better way.

Abdul Rauf's dreams have no limit; he only believes that the sky is the limit. Hence, Pharmalink expanded the business further and open a chain of retail pharmacies. The vision to make the brand name synonymous with accessible health care, birthed the existence of Medicina in November 2013. With strategic locations, in a short span of time, Medicina pharmacies have quickly become a well-known name in the pharmaceutical industry within the UAE.

His focus was not only to promote health but to bring back 'care' into the framework of total wellness. Driven by his fundamental purpose to play an active and supportive role in each person's life by delivering quality products and customer service that is unparalleled, he commits to help the patients live a better life.